Writing is my passion, plain and simple...

Some people enjoy running, some like to spend their time fishing, but not me; I love the thought of being able to express myself creatively through written word while telling other's inspiring stories. 

my experience & portfolio

Feature stories and hard news

I served as the Assistant Editor of the Western Ag Reporter where I wrote and edited news and feature stories; I was the Editor & Chief of the AgriLeader magazine in Fall 2018 while in college; I’ve had stories ran in the Angus Journal, Progressive Cattle, Montana Angus News, the Western Ag Reporter’s Annual Herd Reference Guide, and the Wyoming Livestock Roundup’s Rocky Mountain Horse Edition.

my column

I also write a weekly column/blog called Activists vs. Agriculture with the mission to effectively communicate agriculture to the public and inspire other agricultures to do the same. My column is currently syndicated in the Western Ag Reporter, the Wyoming Livestock Roundup, and Cattle Business Weekly.

Below are a few writing samples...

Read "Cowboy Silversmith" in the Wyoming Livestock Roundup

Feature story


Read "Creating Your Ideal Forage System" in Progressive Cattle

Hard News


Read "Activists vs. Agriculture" in the Western Ag Reporter, the Wyoming Livestock Roundup, and Cattle Business Weekly

Weekly Column


Personal profiles

Personal Profiles are my bread and butter. I love visiting with individuals and learning more about what they're passionate about and sharing it with the world. Scroll through some of my favorite Personal Profiles below.

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about."

- Benjamin Franklin